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Shropshire Support Group Meeting - June 2019

Shropshire Support Group meeting: Tuesday, 25th June 2019 at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital

In addition to the usual get together, there was a talk by Jean Stubbs on alternative therapies, Qi Gong and Shiatsu.

Shropshire mtg report - March 2019

Notes from 12th March Meet-up

The meeting at Leebotwood started by welcoming 2 new members, hopefully, they will have enjoyed the meeting and found it useful to meet others who are in the same situation with regards to their health.

Fundraising and Awareness

We have received a request to support (with money or cheering) 78-year-old Eileen Alcock. With help from her husband, she is canoeing along the canal from Birmingham to Worcester (58 locks and long tunnels) for 3 days in early May to raise awareness. Please click the link here to go to the Canoe Challenge page on our website.

We have also been asked to join with other health awareness groups at an event in Market Drayton on 10th April. Joan will take posters and leaflets. We are sharing a table.  Any help would be appreciated.  Email for more details.

As joint coordinators for the group, we are able to have letters addressed to local GP surgeries asking them to pass on details of the group to newly diagnosed patients. If anyone is willing to ask their surgery if they would agree to do this, contact the group and we can forward some copies for you. 

Discussion took place as to whether or not members felt GP's would be receptive as this has been tried by others before.  It was also suggested that Age UK may be willing to take some information leaflets and it was therefore agreed that they would be contacted.

Group Funds

As we currently have only minimal funds it was agreed that all monies raised would be retained as petty cash and used to finance group Meet-ups and other expenses as we continue to meet. Should we accumulate a significant sum we could then look at opening a bank account.

Further Meetups

Discussion took place about where Meet-ups could take place. There is a room at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital that is available to health groups free of charge and it is booked for the 25th June 2019.  Local buses do travel to the hospital but the 'park & ride' does not. There is a charge to park at the hospital, use the pay machines on leaving the carpark. 

Robert Jones, Agnes Hunt hospital at Gobowen also have a room that may be available and this is awaiting confirmation for a date in October. Dr Garton, a Consultant Rheumatologist who used to work at Gobowen, has agreed to attend a Meet-up and give a presentation, more details for both venues will be sent as soon as they are agreed.

For December, it was agreed that we should look to book somewhere for a Christmas get together, either in a cafe setting, maybe a garden centre, or pub.

Travel insurance

This was raised as some members had previously mentioned the problem of obtaining insurance without a definite diagnosis of medical conditions, including PMR. It appeared 'suspected' or 'probable' was not acceptable to insurance companies. The consensus, in the end, was to advise of any conditions and that PMR did not need to attract an increase in premiums but you might have to 'shop around'.

Updates - after the Meeting

Joan attended the Market Drayton Festival of Health and Wellbeing.  Several people collected information.  Some interesting discussions about PMR were held with members of the public and other 'stall holders'.

Jean Studd has agreed to talk to us about the alternative therapies, Qi Gong and Shiatsu massage, at the June meeting. 

One of our members contacted Dr Mark Garten and he has agreed to give a presentation to the group on 18th October 2019.

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