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This group closed on 24 April 2018

Please contact 0300 999 5090  for information or our helpline 0300 111 5090 if you need support.


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Peterborough (Closed)

Peterborough AGM and Rheuma Roadshow 24 April 2018

Dr K Gilbert PhD-Rheumo Roadshow at Peterborough AGM

This group closed on 24 April 2018. Please contact  0300 999 5090  for information, or our helpline 0300 111 5090 if you need support

On 24 April 2018 we held our Final Annual General Meeting.  Guest speakers Nikki Griffiths from Amilly Fitness/ DIAL Peterborough. Amilly fitness is is an exclusive health and wellbeing centre set up to provide a gym and fitness centre for local people who have long term physical conditions and disabilities, providing chair based excersise classes and open gym sessions.  For further information call 01733 330 815.

We were then pleased to welcome Dr Kate Gilbert PhD for the second part of the afternoon meeting.

Dr Kate Gilbert introduced the Rheuma Roadshow project and presented videos and discussion from research in Leeds, Newcastle and London focusing on 'inflammation' and the GP's perspective.  For this part of the meeting visitors joined the group from other areas including Bedford, Cambridge and Lincolnshire.

The afternoon was extremely interesting and people were able to raise their own questions and share understanding with Dr Gilbert PhD.

A Big Thank you to Pam and Moulton Ladies Group

Pam and Clare at  Moulton Ladies Group

On 21 February 2018, I was invited by Pam and the Moulton Ladies Group to give a small presentation to raise awareness about PMR and GCA and to receive a donation from them for the Peterborough Support Group.

There were approximately 30 ladies at the meeting, most of whom had not heard of PMR or GCA until their group leader, Pam, was diagnosed last year, and so were very interested to learn more.  Many thanks to Pam and her ladies for their very warm welcome, hospitality and generosity.

It was a pleasure to meet them all and to have the opportunity to  share information about both our local group and PMRGCAuk.

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