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Maidstone Support Group meetings are normally on the fourth Monday of each month at The Early Bird pub.  When the Monday is a bank holiday, the meetings will be held on the fourth Tuesday.  See below for upcoming meetings in Maidstone and surrounding area.

The Early Bird, Minor Centre, ME14 5TQ

11am - 1pm

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Fri 4 Sep 2020

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Maidstone Support Group

Maidstone Meet Up - June 2018 Report

Thank you to everyone who attended our meeting in June, which covered a wide range of subjects:

  • Vitamin D levels,
  • DEXA scans,
  • iron tablets,
  • sciatica,
  • magnesium oil,
  • reflexology, and
  • the many benefits of eating eggs.

Forget the old advice of only eating two or three eggs a week because of the danger of increasing your cholesterol levels, eggs do not do this!

Eggs contain 22% of your RD amount of selenium; they contain Choline which helps transport vitamins and minerals around the body more efficiently; they contain all 9 essential amino acids; they contain nutrients that are beneficial for the health of your eyes and finally each egg contains 6 grams of high quality protein, 57% of which can be found in the white.

Our next meeting will be on Monday 30 JULY when we have a speaker coming to talk about Osteoporosis.

There will be no meeting in August as the regular date falls on a Bank Holiday but the group decided that they would like a meeting on Monday the 3 SEPTEMBER instead.

Maidstone Meet Up - April 2018 Report

Thank you to everyone who attended our meeting in April.  We had two new ladies who attended, one with PMR and the other with GCA. This brings the number of GCA sufferers in our group to four, which we hope will be helpful to them as they can compare notes since their symptons differ from the PMR symptons.

We discussed steroid reduction and DEXA scans mostly although other topics did enter the conversation. 

We also exchanged various stretching exercises, several ladies lay down on the floor and gave demonstrations of "how to do it." The piriformis muscle, knee and back muscles were stretched and advice on avoiding cramp was also offered. 

There will not be a mtg in May because of the bank holiday - by popular demand, the next meeting will be on 4th June.

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