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Maidstone Support Group meetings are normally on the fourth Monday of each month at The Early Bird pub.  When the Monday is a bank holiday, the meetings will be held on the fourth Tuesday.  See below for upcoming meetings in Maidstone and surrounding area.

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Maidstone Support Group

Maidstone - February 2019

Monday 25th February 2019

The meeting was a lively one and many opinions and suggestions were delivered for a draft of "Tips for new members" idea. The one thing everyone agreed on though was "keep it short."

I advocated always carrying a steroid card or key ring to alert emergency services. 

The first thought of a very recent member was Kate Gilbert's book, which he has read three times already and to which he returns every time he has a flair. He found the dietary suggestions in the book of great help. One interesting fact is that one should not eat grapefruit when taking steroids, nor should one consume liquorice.  Other group members agreed that the book has been very informative.

Several people extolled the virtues of pure Aloe vera juice which aids digestion and, according to them, helps to reduce the steroid dose faster. They have found that Aloe vera gel is also good for alleviating the effects of sunburn and in the opinion of one member has cured her grandson's eczema

DEXA scans were also considered a very good tip.... several group members had to fight to get their GP to arrange one, and one member in particular is fed up asking and getting nowhere, so intends going down the private route at a nearby clinic at a modest charge. I believe one GP didn't know what a DEXA scan is....

However, the main thing about DEXA scans is that the patient must ALWAYS go to the same machine since the readings vary from machine to machine. A base line needs to be established as soon as a patient is diagnosed with PMR or GCA.

This led us on to the bone strengthener Alendronic Acid and the fact that dentists refuse to deal with tooth extractions out of a hospital environment. Other bone protectors are available which don't cause this problem but if on Alendronic Acid one's dentist should always be advised.

Stomach protectors such as Omeprazole and Lansoprazole were mentioned but the group pointed out that these themselves carry their own problems and that older, kinder, protectors, such as Ranitidine are still widely used. The two former mentioned protectors should not be taken in the long term. Some members on lower steroid doses prefer to take yoghurt with their steroids.

This subject led to when steroids should be taken, morning or evening, or even late at night so that the dose has kicked in by morning....  or should the dose be split? We could not agree on this and of course everyone is different and the body moves to its own rhythm.

Warnings about Cushing's Syndrome were also considered a good idea since several of us had been alarmed by the appearance of huge bruises caused by a relatively minor "bump." The thinning of the skin, particularly on the shin area caused problems for some who, like me, tend to take "shortcuts" when walking round the house or garden and bump into furniture or door frames etc.

Sleep can be a problem some members revealed.... various solutions have been sought, from lavender pillows to CBD oil. The latter appears to affect the way the brain "sees" pain.

Vitamin D... ten to twenty minutes bare arm exposure to sunlight a day, without sunscreen, can provide a day's worth of vitamin D.  A GP was reported saying everyone in this country suffers from a lack of vitamin D. 

The Green Bottle scheme, which the Lions Clubs provide, is a good idea, it  alerts emergency services to the medications of the patient. The website is

All Maidstone support group members have been provided with a bottle thanks to the local Lions group in Medway.

Exercise was also mentioned, one member likes to "ground" himself now and again by walking barefoot on the grass in his back garden. He also likes to lie on his back on the grass, close his eyes and do a spot of meditation combined with breathing exercises. It has a very calming effect.

Another exercise mentioned by a member was to place her hands flat on her diaphragm with the tips of her middle fingers just touching. She then breathes slowly in through her nose, to a count of five. She holds the breath for a few seconds then slowly breathes out through her mouth. If done correctly, the fingertips should part. She has worked up to the count of ten so far. 

Tai Chi, which is the focus of our 23 April meeting, is also supposed to be very good for PMRGCA sufferers as it is a very gentle form of exercise.

Flu jabs, which don't always work of course, should be accepted since immune systems are compromised when steroids are taken.

Our next meeting is a talk by a local pharmacist on MONDAY 25th March, followed by a Tai Chi talk and demonstration on TUESDAY 23 APRIL.

Maidstone meeting report - January 2019

Monday 28 January 2019

Alendronic Acid, that good old chestnut, raised its head again at Monday's meeting. Some people seem to cope well with it but others struggle and it would appear that the ones who struggle most are those who are unfortunate enough to have hiatus hernia. This also seems to hold true with the stomach protector Omeprazole. Ranitidine, an older product, seems to suit hiatus hernia better.

The subject of coated and uncoated prednisolone tablets was also mentioned.  Certainly the coated version is kinder to the stomach lining since these tablets travel further through the gut before dissolving.

An interesting theory emerged during the meeting. We were talking about skin cancer, something which at least three people in the group have experienced at some point. A male member of the group believes that his three year stint of National Service in Egypt was the cause of him developing a cancerous growth on his face. No such thing as sun screen was provided for the troops in those days. I wonder how many other 70-year old ex-Army service men have developed skin cancer......

Talk turned to generic drugs versus brand name drugs. Are the former less effective than the latter? The active ingredients should be the same, otherwise they would not be in general circulation but the inactive ingredients may be different and possibly that could render them less effective.

Finally the importance of Lasting Power of Attorney for property and financial affairs and Lasting Power of Attorney for health and welfare was mentioned. Of equal importance, I feel, is a Living Will in which a DNR clause can be inserted expressing your wishes so your family will have guidance if you are no longer able to communicate with them.  

Our next meeting wil be on Monday 25th February at 11 am and the following one will be on 25 March at 11am when we will have a talk by Pal, a local pharmacist. His last talk proved very informative and those in the group who met him before are looking forward to seeing him again.  Furture meetings, please see What's On section

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