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Maidstone Support Group meetings are normally on the fourth Monday of each month at The Early Bird pub.  When the Monday is a bank holiday, the meetings will be held on the fourth Tuesday.  See below for upcoming meetings in Maidstone and surrounding area.

The Early Bird, Minor Centre, ME14 5TQ

11am - 1pm

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Fri 4 Sep 2020

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Maidstone Support Group

Maidstone Group Meeting - August 2019

The Maidstone group on Monday 22 July welcomed a new lady who suffers from PMR. It seems that her doctor was at first uncertain about diagnosing PMR but has since come to the conclusion that that is what she is suffering from.

The Group gave her various tips and advice about Dexa scans, vitamin D, stomach protectors, blood tests etc. etc. They also advised her to go to the Health Unlocked forum which is helpful to a lot of people.


The next Maidstone Group meeting will be on TUESDAY 27 August since the Monday falls on a Bank Holiday.

Date: Tuesday 27th August at 11am
Venue: Early Bird Pub, Minor Cenre, Grovewood Drive,
Maidstone, Kent, ME14 5JT



Maidstone Group Meeting - July 2019

The next Maidstone Group meeting will take place on:

Date: Monday 22nd July at 11am

Venue: Early Bird Pub, Minor Centre, Grovewood Drive, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 5JT 


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