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Maidstone Support Group meetings are normally on the fourth Monday of each month at The Early Bird pub.  When the Monday is a bank holiday, the meetings will be held on the fourth Tuesday.  See below for upcoming meetings in Maidstone and surrounding area.

The Early Bird, Minor Centre, ME14 5TQ

11am - 1pm

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Maidstone - January 2019

Mon 28 Jan 2019
Early Bird Pub, Minor Centre, Grovewood Drive, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 5JT

Worthing Meet Up - February 2019

Tue 12 Feb 2019
Durrington Community Centre, 2 Romany Rd, Worthing, BN13 3ED

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Maidstone Support Group

Maidstone Mtg report - December 2018

Monday 17th December 2018

A round-the-table discussion this week threw up a few surprising facts. One member of the group admitted that she has had a bad setback with her PMR. As usual no-one wants to admit that the aches and pains are a flare since that means more steroids but in this case, after increasing her dose thereby gaining relief from pain,  the sufferer had to admit that she was experiencing a bad flare.

The increase in weight he has suffered since taking steroids was worrying another new group member. "No nibbles" was the advice and certainly not a packet or two of crisps! Raw carrots were recommended and fresh fruit.

The question of when to take all the tablets we consume arose. (I think I will have to ask my pharmacist to come and give us another talk in the New Year. ) The colour of pills was also debated, sometimes it is difficult to distinguish one white tablet from another when they are all in the pill box together and we wondered if the pharmaceutical companies could add a little colour to their products.

One huge benefit our newest group member has discovered about taking prednisolone is that the psoriasis from which he has suffered from for years has completely disappeared. That is a silver lining worth having....

Power napping seems to be of great benefit to PMR GCA sufferers who often have difficulty sleeping at night and a number of the group members agreed with this. Even half an hour makes a great difference they say.

The final thing which came up for discussion was Cannabis Oil (or CBD oil). Several group members admitted that they use this product which is obtainable at some local chemists and health food shops.  "You don't get high" we were assured.

One or two drops night and morning would seem to provide several benefits and having looked up the product on-line it seems that it can provide pain relief, reduces the risk of diabetes, fights cancer, combats anxiety, deals with some sleep issues and has anti-seizure properties.

Ten members of the group stayed on at the Early Bird after the meeting for a "festive lunch" which was enjoyed by all. Many thanks to all the staff of the pub who make us so welcome every month.

Our next meeting will be Monday 28 January 2019 at the usual time of 11 o'clock.  Furture meetings, please see What's On section

Rheumatologist to speak at Orpington Support Group Meeting in January

Tuesday 8 January
Consultant Rheumatologist and Registrar at Orpington Hospital, Amanda Mootoo, will be joining us at the Orpington Support Group at 10am on Tuesday 8 January 2019 to answer members questions about the conditions and treatments. This is an open meeting and all are welcome to join us. Please see how to book in below.
Planning to come along?
If you have not attended a Orpington meeting before please email: or call 01689 869570 (you can leave a message on the answerphone and we will return your call) to book a place.
Directions to Orpington Support Group are on this link

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