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Ten Year Anniversary Appeal










“I would never have got through the last two years without you. Thank you with all my heart."

~ PMRGCAuk member

Dear friends, members and supporters

We need your help, please donate today.

Our small charity, dedicated to supporting people with polymyalgia rheumatica and giant cell arteritis needs more funds.

We have launched a major appeal to raise £50,000 to extend our work.

Over the past ten years, with your support, we have done so much. But now, as more and more people find out about us, we need to raise more money to help them.  



“I would never have got through the last two years without you. Thank you with all my heart.”

“I was so pleased to find a support group, as I felt as though I was the only person who had PMR/GCA!”

“Being able to share information and learn from others is both reassuring and provides real guidance.”

These are just a few of the many comments we have received about our work. Our helpline and publicity have also directly resulted in people seeking the right urgent medical help to save their sight.

And now that our Outreach Coordinator’s contract has come to an end, all this is done with just a half-time director and a membership secretary working one day a week.


PMR is the most common inflammatory disorder among older people. Undiagnosed or wrongly treated GCA is one of the most common causes of sudden sight loss. We need to step up action to help.

Our network of dozens of committed volunteers around the country is expanding - running the helpline, leading groups, moderating the forum and taking on administrative and organisational tasks. We need to give you more support.

We need to employ a full-time director, and a full-time membership secretary / administrator alongside other support to provide educational materials and outreach work. We don’t have an office and our overheads are very low. All the money you give will go directly to staff costs this year and next.

We need £50,000 to transform the service we offer.

Please donate today.

With thanks and best wishes

Penny Denby, Chair of Trustees

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