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The Worshipful Society of Apothecaries

18th June 2019 - 11am   (1.5 hours)  25 places only   (only a few places left!)

Join PMRGCAuk on a fabulous guided tour of the home of the
Worshipful Society of Apothecaries, Black Friars Lane, London EC4V 6EJ.

The Worshipful Society of Apothecaries is one of the largest livery companies of the City of London. In addition to its traditional civic, ceremonial, social and charitable activities, the Society has been licensing doctors to practise Medicine since 1815.

The Worshipful Society of Apothecaries lies at the heart of the early foundations of modern-day medicine and remains an important, active and innovative medical institution today. The Society plays a key role in the advancement of specialist areas of medicine, and in the ongoing post-graduate education and qualification of practitioners.

Steeped in history and tradition, the Society was founded by Royal Charter in 1617 and is one of the few livery companies in the City of London to remain professionally based with over 85 per cent of its membership belonging to professions allied to medicine.

The word 'apothecary' is derived from apotheca,   meaning a place where wine, spices and herbs were stored. During the thirteenth century it came into use in this country to describe a person who kept a stock of these commodities, which he sold from his shop or street stall.

London apothecaries were originally members of another livery company, the Grocers', and together these tradesmen can be traced back to the Guild of Pepperers, an association formed in the City in 1180. By 1316, the Pepperers had been joined by the Spicers.

Tickets £35

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